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Friday, March 09, 2007

i think i'm officially moving to xanga. So if you wanna know the url, ask me online(:

11:31 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Friday, February 23, 2007

You're my daydream :D

still deciding whether i should officially move to xanga. HMM.

Anyway, school was pretty boring. except for the 2 free hours, it was pure fun. 5 of us sitting at tiffany's and mine table chatting bout random stuff. HAHA.

Ate chicken rice with Charis and Milton after school. We ate half a chicken (:
laughed alot and it made my day.

xanga, blogger, xanga, blogger. AH whatever la.

11:25 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'll be by your side, you know i'll take your hand

i'm finally done with my xanga blog though i made it ages ago :/

If you can find my xanga blog then good for you. HAHA.

School. serene with tammy, siyi, dot, sus, ashley and elden today. It was fun, talking bout random stuff. We started talking bout primary school and i realise how silly we were last time.

Siyi, Ashley, Cress, Hannah, Sandra and I used to call ourselves the dementors -.- We made death lists, poured powder all over the classroom. Spraying water on chairs. Chasing cress with a fake snake. I always seem to be thinking bout the fun times we had in primary 6. HMMMM (:

slept for 2 hours when i got home. Maths homework and reasearch on promoting volunteerism.

I want to go to sleep D: goodnight

9:50 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

I haven't exactly been blogging. Have tons of photos to load up but i'm real lazy as usual.

School. everyone was slacking during chem peer tuitoring again.
Ikea after school with Jihae, Patricia and Jiheon.
Cabbed to Jihae's house to bake brownies :D
Went home and baked more brownies. Packed them up and went to bed xD



wow. this year's valentine's day was just amazing. Once you step in to class, everyone says happy valentine's day! and then passes you their present. Roses, brownies, cookies and a walkie talkie, a book and a orange. my 30 bowls of brownies were worth it :D HAHA. I love 4/7 alot!

Shabnam: WAH. I love 4/7! we're so bonded!
Shahira: YEAH. only today cause of the presents right?! HAHA.

School was really normal. I was falling asleep during lessons as usual. AH, I've really got to stop sleeping :/

After school, cabbed backed home with Clement. Rushed rushed rushed and then cabbed to cathy. Watched once in a summer. i've got to admit that it CANNOT be compared to A Moment To Remember or A Season For Love.

Went to Harbourfront and got on a cablecar to sentosa. and the rest, i don't think i quite need to blog about it. HMMM.


Tired, very tired. was sleeping when we were suppose to be doing class work. Jihae, Pat and Tiffany didn't come to school so i kept Jewel company :D Jewel and I kept laughing during chemistry cause of our ____ :/

Phunque' It reunion dinner after CF. We thought we were going to be super late for dinner but we ended up the earliest xD So Charis, Valentina and I sat at BK talking bout random stuff.

So the 6 of us started eating. Charis and I ate 2 bowls of rice! :D We ate so much la. HAHA, and then we started talking bout how lame we were in primary school and the teachers in pri school. We laughed so much Jihae and Roula choked.

Brought out the cake and sang a birthday song for Valentina. Went to the badminton court to talk about stuff. Ended up talking bout religion AGAIN, as always.


Serene to meet Jamie, Tammy and Siyi. Went to meet the others to play CS. I totally suck at it now. i kept dying D: Tammy and I bus-ed to town. Went to mum's office for one purpose, get money to go see a doctor.

Mum decided that i should only go to the doctor when my back is really giving me problems. HMM. so went to far east to meet clement, zhihong and jiaen for awhile. Bishan with mum to do some marketing. Ended up buying nothing only when we got home :/


Met up with Clement. Bought a pair of pumps(: He didn't do any shopping in the end. Had to be home by 5 for dinner. Dinner was great :D Mum's cooking is always the best (:



Church service at 8. Was suppose to be up at 5.45 but i kept snoozing my phone tlil 6.45 :/
I thought i was going to be late but Siyi ended up later than me -.- Went to siyi's house after service for a few hours before walking to grandma's house. ended up sleeping while waiting for the other two families to arrive. heh.

Went home and slept from 6-7.30 and then 8-11 and finally 1.30 to the following morning.

10:46 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Hey there Delilah,
What’s it like in New York City?
I’m a thousand miles away,
But girl tonight you look so pretty,
Yes you do,
Time Square can’t shine as bright as you,
I swear it’s true.

Hey there Delilah,
Don’t you worry about the distance,
I’m right there if you get lonely,
Give this song another listen,
Close your eyes,
Listen to my voice it’s my disguise,
I’m by your side.

Oh it’s what you do to me,
Oh it’s what you do to me,
Oh it’s what you do to me,
Oh it’s what you do to me,
What you do to me.

Hey there Delilah,
I know times are getting hard,
But just believe me girl some day,
I'll pay the bills with this guitar,
We'll have it good,
We'll have the life we knew we would,
My word is good.

Hey there Delilah,
I’ve got so much left to say,
If every simple song I wrote to you,
Would take your breath away,
I’d write it all,
Even more in love with me you’d fall,
We’d have it all.

Oh it’s what you do to me,
Oh it’s what you do to me,
Oh it’s what you do to me,
Oh it’s what you do to me.

A thousand miles seems pretty far,
But they’ve got planes and trains and cars,
I’d walk to you if I had no other way,
Our friends would all make fun of us,
And we'll just laugh along because,
We know that none of them have felt this way,
Delilah I can promise you,
That by the time that we get through,
The world will never ever be the same,
And you’re to blame.

Hey there Delilah you be good,
And don’t you miss me,
Two more years and you’ll be done with school,
And I'll be making history,
Like I do,
You’ll know it's all because of you,
We can do whatever we want to,
Hey there Delilah here's to you,
This one’s for you.

Oh it’s what you do to me,
Oh it’s what you do to me,
Oh it’s what you do to me,
Oh it’s what you do to me,
What you do to me.

AHHH. someone send me this songggg!

8:13 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Woke up at 1.30pm yesterday.

Dad: Do you want to wake up?
Me: Don't want.
Dad: * walks out of the room

Surprising. He'll usually scream at me but :DD

Spring Cleaning D:
Tiring. The windows refused to be cleaned. All the dust around annoyed me.

Awhile after i was done cleaning up my room, Valentina called.
Left and went to check out a flea market at SMU.

Got a tank top from Merk :D

Heeren. Lucky Plaza for Ayam Penyat with Roula and Sersheen.
Chilli nearly made me teared. My tongue felt bit numb :/

Cass came to paragon and we went back to heeren.
Mel came and we walked back to far east -.-

BLEAH. both of them both new year clothes D:
I've got no more time to shop for clothes.
Ah, whatever i'll just stick to my old year clothes. HAHA.


Clement called at 10.30 and refused to let me go back to sleep -.-

Amaths drove me nuttttts. Then emaths, history and biology.

It's going to be CHEMISTRY after this D:

You're not alone, together we stand
I'll be by your side, you know i'll take your hand
When it gets cold, and it feels like the end
There's no place to go, you know i won't give in.

7:21 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I watched A Moment To Remember today.
5th time i've watched it.
Still made me cry ):


And i've no idea why i keep watching the movies.
But i'm watching A Season For Love now :D

Gosh, i'm boreeeeed. Season For Love isn't as interesting as A moment to remember D:

He says " I'll remember everything for you. "

12:18 AM

I love spring & flowers.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Never give in
To sadness that surrounds you
Find the way to reach deep inside
And let your love shine though

School has been "wonderful"
Homework, tests and lessons.

Miss. Tay told us sad stories about her students in ____ school.
And all of us were like AW MANNNN the whole lessons. ah.

I lost 4 marks during amaths test due to some stupid careless mistake. SIGH.
SS test was SLACCCCK.
Last minute " amaths quiz". Everyone was just comparing answers. I went to ask Miss. Ho if it was correct too xD

Free period on thursday. NO MATHS :D
Had a talk with Jewel while Patricia did her work.

Went to hall to see the O level results.
8 distinctions. and 5 distinctions. SEHHH.

Now i totally know why they made the 4E and 5N witness it.

I'm tired.


5:36 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

This is the first time i did my review questions seriously :D

Oh man, i spent like two hours doing it.

Nothing happened today man ):

I'm talking to dorothy online and charis on the phone.
Talking to dorothy online makes me laugh alot. I don't know why. She has SMILED a hundred and one times online today. DOROTHY AH DOROTHY :D




9:23 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Friday, February 02, 2007

I didn't blog for 4 days. WELL DONE :D

Staying back almost everyday.
Went to serene 3 days in a row.
Talks with JewelYi in class is fun xD

And in conclusion, I DO NOT LIKE SS. and i'm really tired ):

Today, one month :D
Tomorrow, FLAG DAY -.-

Flag day will take up like 3/4 of my day. So, rushing of homework at night X(

11:48 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Shopped on saturday :D
I think Siyi and I walked the most. From marina square, wisma, pacific plaza to far east.
We wanted to get paul frank shirts but it was freakin expensive as well ): sigh.

And we got 2 same shirts. She got the beatles one which was like 45 bucks!
Overall, i haven't finish shopping for CNY. HMMM.

ASHLEY! Friday friday friday? :DD

Watch Gridiron Gang with Clement in the evening.
By the time i got home, it was 11.
Jewel called and we talked about random stuff till midnight(:

And i was bout to check my mail, mum started screaming at me for turning on the computer at such a late hour :/


Mum wanted me to stay at home or rather spend time with them.
Went to potong pasir for some soup thing. And gosh, only when i finish the whole bowl of soup then i found out what it was. AH, i can't believe i actually said it was pretty good ):

Went to supermarket and i stocked up my junk food again :D Even though i haven't quite finished the last batch. I bought so much stuff :D WHEEE.

Was only suppose to sleep for an hour. I only woke up 2 and half hours later xD Studied for biology and then i baked brownies on my own for the first time.

First mistake, I PUT TOO MUCH WATER :/

Dinner with family at Chinatown. Pretty good food. My cousin was treating the entire family. She's only 16. So they're all expecting a meal from me next year. AHH.

I'm going to quote what my cousin said last night.

" Men are like wine. They get better as they grow older. Women are like beer. They expire after 6 months"

WAHSEH. half of my auntie and uncles were high from drinking and started talking bout lots of random stuff. My two cousin were all the way at the other end so i was really quiet during dinner ):

School was pretty good today. I couldn't stop myself from falling asleep during history. I always do and no matter how hard i try to keep my eyes open, i just can't ):

Biology was pretty good even though half an hour before that, we were still studying for it :DD

Coro and serene with gang minus sus ):

We were laughing so loudy at coro la!

Me: Ashley remember! we used to hate guys in primary 6!
Ashley: What! your mum dated 26 guys?!
Me: NO. we used to hate guys in pri 6!
Ashley: Huh! chicken over what!

WAH. I had to repeat it so many times till she got it right. Island Creamery and Macs was fun too(: I just love talking to them :D

I want to sleep. I'M TIRED ):

7:13 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Tingxie was good(:
I swear, i'm so weird.
I practised writing the difficult words, the new words. and during tingxie, i manage to write it out and i forgot how to write numerous simple words -.-

After school, Serene with Valentina and Jihae.
I'm really glad that you two don't mind with what i told you this afternoon :D
Anyway, we talked bout quite abit of stuff!

Tammy, Siyi, Sus and Dot came to serene and sat next to us!
yes, we started CHATTTTING.
Tomorrow's shopping with gang day in town :D
TAMMY YE, come for lunch alright!

Jihae and I went to Raffles City to get her peter's tie. we got stuff, and i got my dad a CD.

Went to check out warehouse and whoah, some clothes are pretty nice but on the expensive side ):

Came home. And slept for 6. Woke up at 7 and was lazy to get out of bed. So i went back to sleep till 8 :D Brother had campfire so Mum only came back with my dinner at 10.30pm.

I'm feeling rather tired already ):

My carema is so screwed. It's not good, i'm going to try to earn a new carema XD

11:10 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


English was hilarious. I love our skit(: Ah, even though elsa's fake hair kept dropping, it made it a whole lot funnier. Caculator land, Snow Fairy dancing in, Orge contented with jelly beans, Evil witch that wore retainers, tsunami that you can reflect back. HAHA, our story is indeed quite retarded XD

CF today was pure fun and today's talk of the town got me thinking! :D
For me to know only xD

Serene with Tammy, Ashley, Siyi and Jamie.
Tammy, Ashley and I had our normal LARGE ICE LEMON TEA:D
Heehee, i only paid 45 cents for it.

Met Clement for dinner :D

Home. Today's bus ride was super fast. I hope it would be like that everyday.
AH, chinese spelling tomorrow! though i studied already, i think i kinda forgotten some xD

I tell you ah. Xinhui LOVES making fun of me. I'm going to elaborate on LOVE LOVE LOVE.
her nickname today was SAMAMTHA IS DUMB. -.- and she loves making fun of me in class. YEAH! and Jihae and Sharon gangs up with her ): HAHA.

but but, I STILL LOVE YOU ALL ALOT. I know i totally boasted xinhui's ego and she's going to make fun of me tomorrow. HEEHEE xD

9:42 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

jewel- rather lovely weather says:
course im not
jewel- rather lovely weather says:
i got better thigns to do
jewel- rather lovely weather says:
jewel- rather lovely weather says:
jewel- rather lovely weather says:

I was ego but HEEHEE. I love jewelyi(:

wheee, tomorrow's thursday already! :D

8:41 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

TUESDAY. 3 more days to the end of school week.
WHEE. i'm free on saturday cause tuition is tomorrow (:

Amaths quiz tomorrow. Bio and chinese test next week ):

Coro for lunch.
Holland V to return books and get cake. expensive but nice :D

I'm tired. I'm going to sleep early tonight. I seem to be falling asleep in one of the lessons which is bad.

AND i've got a new seating partner. TIFFANY JEAN WEE. Jihae and Jewel is sitting infront of me now. And i'm in the last row -.-

Not fun, not fun at all.

8:01 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Monday, January 22, 2007

AH. i don't like mondays.
Monday is the longest day. Recess is way too early so everyone starves by lunch. Common test is way too late so i'll fall asleep x(

Anyway, monday.
Told Jihae to pinch me during history cause i was falling asleep.
WAH. i tell you, it's super painful la!

Xinhui and Jihae couldn't stop making fun of me.
They were driving me nuts during SS la ):

Common test was just weird. I took 10 minutes to decide what i wanted to write on. FRIENDS or TEACHERS? i chose teachers in the end. Retarded story, comfirm fail. SIGHH.

I paid for the cab to serene -.- And only stayed there for like 5 minutes.
when i was leaving, siyi said THAT'S IT?!

Met Clement and his two friends.
Went to the new icec-cream shop at crown centre. NICE but expensive. The guy mixed up the irish cream and caffe something something cause we added m&ms. I thought it was nice but the rest didn't like it. HMM.

Bus-ed home.

I've got a emaths test that i revised on saturday. Got to study for chinese spelling ): And do amaths homework. And re-revise for my emaths. AHHH.

Holland V tomorrow to return books. I'm getting back my money man :D

8:19 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

naxcrisa says:
im BACK!!!
naxcrisa says:
naxcrisa says:
you missed me right??
naxcrisa says:
i KNEW it

Dorothy never fails to be ego(: but it's alright, i still love you alright! :D

i swear i was a pig yesterday.
You don't hear that from me everyday but yes.
I slept till11am. continued with my book. good progess, i'm halfway through now:D
went back to sleep. tuition. slept again.

I've no idea how long i slept. i'm still tired by the way xD


10am service with Siyi and Jamie.
Went to topshop after that.

A dress top is going on to my WANT and CNY CLOTHES list xD


CNY is coming, that means i get to go shopping(: And i still can't wait for my fringe to grow longer.

Went for lunch with Jamie. Home.
Slept and kinda refuse to wake up ):
HOMEWORK. ah, did anyone do history!

MONDAY is going to be a long day agaaaaaaain.

I want to get dress tops, jeans, skirts and a dress :D all this in 3 weeks.

12:03 AM

I love spring & flowers.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

it's funny how almost everyone's complaining bout the moshing at muse concert on their blogs.

This is how i started reading those blogs.
I checked my blogpatrol. Someone got linked to my blog on blogline search.
So i checked on the link and started reading people's entries.

Everyone first starts with MUSE CONCERT ROCKED and then starts complaining bout how hot, stuffy the concert was.

Yes, even though i didn't get enjoy hysteria cause of all the moshing. I STILL ENJOY THE CONCERT :D

and i totally love love Time is running out and Plug in baby :D wheee.

Anyway, didn't go to cluny park with the gang in the end cause they had chinese remedials.
Met them for a short while while they were having dinner though! (:
We need to find another day to go to cluny park alright! :D


Sakae buffet with Jihae, Valentina, Charis and Milton.
HAHA. we ordered so much. We piled the plates up.
The guy cleared our plates cause they said they were running out of it ):

Went to HAIRDO to cut my hair.
HAHAH, yes i've a new hairstyle now.
I'm still trying to get used to it but AH, okay i feel kinda weird.

Went over to jihae's house. While valentina was cutting jihae's hair, i was told to kinda entertain jay [ jihae's dog ] for awhile. Not a very good thing cause he kept scratching me and following me around the room, but yeah :/ HAHA.

Had dinner at BK with Valentina. She didn't eat though.

I'm having tuition laterrrr! AH, emaths and amaths test next week!

1:41 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

I'm really lazy to blog so i'm copied what happened during muse from tammy's blog. CREDITS: TAMMY YE QI! :D


HAHA, Sam and I took a cab to Fort Canning and went in by the NEW QUEUE that just opened, and we got in earlier than many many people (eg: SAM HO!) though ppl like him queued earlier than we did. BAHAH.
Thus and therefore we were quite in front, and it was abt 6.30pm then.
SO, we kinda waited like steamed baos for 2 hours.
it was freaking HOT, because there were SO MANY PEOPLE streaming in.
and when the sun went down, people started moshing
the 1st few rounds before the concert were TOLERABLE
this stupid mosh thing caused me to miss out on enjoying Hysteria. ):
then Samantha and I held hands and managed to push our way out to the sides.
because MUSE WAS SO COOL!!!
omsb, it was superdeeduperly BLARING and almost killed my ears
but rock concerts like these gotta be LOUDD!

AND MY PA( not my dad, TAMMY's dad)
saw Muse running into their Bentley (as Azfar says) after the concert.
to avoid being mobbed
and my dad's car was in their way
so they kinda shouted at him thn he blur blur go move the car away.

Anyway, yes muse rocked big time(:

CCA FAIR( wednesday)

i love CF big time too! :D

School before that was just dead. I kept falling asleep during classes.


8:45 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Cluny Park outing with the gang is off ):

AH, chinese remedials pisses me off.
I hope i don't have chinese remedial on thursday though!

I can't believe i was falling asleep during so you think you can dance.
That's how tired i was and i'm still very tired.

Tammy's going to call me to talk bout muse after she finishes her homework! :D

I like the lyrics of the song Oh, it is love. But the melody's kinda weird.

Oh dear, it's been
Hardly three days,
Yet i love to feel your embrace
There are several days yet until
I can see your sweet face.

9:45 PM

I love spring & flowers.


heh, but i've no more tests this week! :D

I finally bought my files and book.
All i need now is a number of note books and STATIONARY.
I've only have 3 pens, a pencil. I didn't even have a ruler and eraser last week.

Jihae kinda convinced me to cut my fringe.
So i'm going to have a new look on monday.
And hopefully, my hair won't be screwed up X)
Or i'll hide at home until my fringe grows man.

I want to watch The Queen. quick quick, someone watch it with me! (:

MUSE IS TOMORROOOOOW! :D tammy tammy, this is the moment we have been waiting for for one and half months! :D

Tuesday: school, muse
Wednesday: school, cca fair
thursday: school, cluny park(:
friday: school, sakae, hair, town :D
saturday: holland v with chensiyi. tuition
sunday: church:D

Where you are the one, the one
That lies close to me
Whispers, "hello,
I miss you quite terribly."
I fell in love, in love
With you suddenly
Now there's no place else
I could be, but
Here in your arms

6:44 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

You say hello, inside i'm screaming I love you
You say goodnight, in my mind I'm sleeping next to you.

What a lazy day.

Mum woke me up at nine plus cause the air con needs cleaning.
AH. continue to read a book that never seems to be ending.
"Without my daugther" everyone should go read it. It's just so touching and beautifull:D

Went back to sleep for round 2 hours before starting homework.
Revision for history and homework for about 2 hours.
Fell asleep half an hour before tutor came.
Man, he's good though it's on the expensive side but AH CRAP, he's just good!

After tuition, continue to read my book and fell asleep xD

Dinner. Went down to the supermarket with family to stock up junk food.
HEEHEE. I bought lots of junk.

Stupid Clement had to trick me when i was buying my junk food. Ended up talking to Xinhui instead of looking for more junk. You die XD HAHA.

I need to get back to my homework man. My world mainly revolves around school.


10:44 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Irritating blogger won't let me edit my draft. idiot idiot.

I'm pissed, tired and stressed at the same time.
Gosh, friday night is the night i go online till late, mum scolded me.
Tomorrow I've got to go pass something, come home and have tuition.

So no HEEHEE tomorrow ):


Did back up for cp.
CCA fair band prac.

serene and started raining like no one's business.
Waited for a cab for half an hour before deciding to walk in the rain to the bus stop with tammy's pretty small umbrella XD
Went to coro to meet Clement(:

I was really happy to see you :D after all of what has happened this week. i'm happy to know that things have been cleared so yeah! :D

On the bus, he kept asking for my incredibly terrible maths paper, stupid! AH, yes i did pretty badly for my maths test D:

Home, did my pile of homework, slept.


Went to NUH after school to visit eunice! We crowded around the sandwich vending machine and the foreigners at the back were kinda piss cause they had to wait for a long time. HMM.

Elden came and Ashley, Siyi and I cabbed to adam road cause we were craving for the nasi lemak. BUT, the queue was so long siyi and i decided to get chicken cutlets. And regretted getting it cause ashley's and elden's duck rice looked alot nicer. HAHA.

Siyi abandoned me and took a cab home D: Bus was overly crowded. SIGH.

CHEN SIYI, next saturday yeah! SAY YES SAY YES! :D

school is piling us with homework. I don't even think i can finish it. So in order to finish my homework, i'm going to try not to come online tomorrow. AH, this is only the second week of school! D:

I'm tired, i wanna go to sleep but i've got abit more work to finish up. WHATTHEHECK.

11:27 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cause i need a little confirmation
To make a real start
Don't wait till it's too late

Serene yesterday after school for late lunch and amaths.
Didn't have dinner due to stuff and yeah. Went home.

no elaboration.

Today. Holland V after school for lunch.
Jihae's tutor came to help us with amaths homework.
Bout 2 and half hours of maths drove us nuts.
well, at least i went crazy while finishing the last question.

I love jihae so much cause she's my studying partner. And her tutor told us that we shouldn't study together -.-

OHOH. Roula came (: I miss her so much la! i need to go to your house very soon! :D

Went to BK for dinner. talked bout really random stuff.

Had a nice talk with Roula about certain issues on the phone. Thanks Roula :D it made my day.

All i want to do now is sleep. I dont' wanna think, i've been thinking hard the entire day and it's driving me crazy. okay, wth.

the school is changing uniforms. crap, PLEASEPLEASE tell me my batch isn't affected!

You see the way i have been drifting down a river to nowhere
and you give me nothing

9:20 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Monday, January 08, 2007


anyway, had history quiz. i totally screwed up.
now, i need to go read up on russia and china ):

then emaths test in the afternoon.
well, HMMMM. i didn't finish the paper.
the teacher was too distracting. AH, he wanted to end the paper 10 minutes earlier la.

Serene with Tammy, Sus and Jamie. Ashley came later.
Started doing amaths. and stopped after a short while -.-
chinese tomorrow, haven't done chinese homework. she's going to nag again man :/

Amaths revision test is cancelled tomorrow! :D
8 free hours this week cause teachers are going for sec 3 camp! wheeee

english test on thursday. two ss open book test on i don't know what day. HMM.

Ashley: Elden's the nicest guy i've ever meet
Sus: that's because he's your boyfriend -.-

Tammy attempted to do the ashley face but failed. HEEHEE.
Siyi had to hit my head today when she came to macs. It hurts like crap.

Thanks SUS and DOT for the pillow! which was very bulky and i had to carry it all over the place. but still, I LOVE IT :D

TAMMY TAMMY TAMMY! MUSE IS IN 8 DAYS MAN! please go collect your ticket soon.

cluny park gang outing after school on 18th. can't wait(:

7:08 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


school as usual ): i'm still not used to school

watched a movie. i kept falling asleep man.
went home and i can't remember a thing.


com meeting in the morning.
met clement at 6 ave. had a snack at tea party. [ is it tea party? hmm]
and then serene, cluny park.

i'm very lazy to type stuff out now. AH.


church with siyi, luyi and jamie
clement came for lunch. talked bout lots of school stuff.
luyi kept asking weird questions. HMMM.


Tomorrow's like Emaths common test and history quiz. WHATTHEHELL. can you just kill me?
2 tests on the fourth day of school. i think it's crazy.

i'm off to go study. currently talking to xinhui.

8:59 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

2nd day of school ):
I kept falling asleep everytime a teacher starts talking.
but, no i didn't fall asleep while they were teaching

for example.
while miss lum was talking to us about grades and stuff, i was falling asleep
and i didn't fall asleep during maths! XD heehee.

renaldo's after school. serene. sat upstairs and talked bout lots of funny stuff! :D
went down to macs for a drink and had a talk.

anyway, 2 tests next week D:

i'm off to read my last and final book for english holiday homework(:
and i doubt i sleep till midnight again. HEH.

and hopefully i'm able to see you on sunday(:

9:13 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007


it was a really nice day for me. I shan't elaborate. It's for me to remember :D

anyway. i know you'll be reading this! well, a high chance that you would!
althought i couldn't express how happy i was, but yeah i was really happy.
And i'm really glad we had that talk at wheelock.

So that was 2nd of january(:

first day of school.

school starts the same. principal talks. discipline talk.
blah blah. contact time.

We just talked through the day man (: fun talk.
jewel was playing with my eyelashes while i was sleeping -.-

serene was crowded today. went with valentina, jihae and charis.

and then went to meet tammy, siyi, jamie and ashley.
the 4 of them are crazy people. they read and make it into a song.
and chensiyi sings so LOUDLY. HAHAHA.

i'm really crazy. i only ate half of what i bought for recess. 3 bites of my mcspicy. and ah, 1/2 of fish soup. I NEED TO DO SOMETHING D:

anyway, i'm going to go do something to my school skirt before i get booked AGAIN.

you know i love you(:

5:43 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

i decided to load up photos cause i'm really bored XDashley; tammy; siyi(:
first few hours of 2007 :D
phunque 'it :D
phunque' it; patricia's b'day party

dinner; study day at serene

valentina <3>
sending siyi off :D
melaka; swimming; concert; teacher's day :D
bowling; siyi's house
bienalle 06 :D

racial harmony day :D
loving far coast

this is not all! i'm just tired and i want to go to sleep XD

12:31 AM

I love spring & flowers.

Monday, January 01, 2007


Anyway, woke up and had prata for breakfast.
went to somerset to have brunch with family, auntie and her in-laws.

home. slept for awhile.
talked to charis on the phone for quite awhile bout HAHAHAHAH.
only charis knows eh XD

anyway, i wanted to post 'best of 2006' pictures.
i'm really lazy to do it XD

i guess my first day of 2007 wasn't as interesting as i expected it to be.
but first few hours were fun :D thanks siyi, tammy and ashley for making me laugh so much and whatever you call what you three did last night.

Dad collected my muse ticket already! 15 more days :D
i'm going to phatom of the opera with ashley too! :D

this year is going to be all about SCHOOL, HOMEWORK, REVISION and that two concerts.

i decided to make one and only one major new year resolution this year


11:14 PM

I love spring & flowers.


chensiyi and ashleytay are about to enter lalaland.
while tammyye and i are blogging using their computers :D

anyway, uncle desmond and family came to fetch us to raffles the plaza.
i went in for like 10 minutes and left :/

mrt-ed to kembangan to meet ashley
her dad drove us to siyi's house.

went to the playground. and started screaming cause we heared people cheering.
but it was 12 yet. so waited and started screaming -.-

ashley and i were at the swings. while tammy and siyi were at the see-saws.

did some really weird stuuff.
luyi couldn't stop cart-wheeling around and swinging back and forth.

went back home. went up and started using the computers.
did some AHEM AHEM stuff :D

3 of them are forcing me to do stuff. MANZXZX D:

i'm tired. it's like 3.32am now. suppose to be awake by 11 cause siyi needs to leave the house.


have a nice day first day of 2007. The year everyone starts mugging and i'm going to miss hanging out after school ):

positive note: I'VE NO IDEA WHAT.

monday: go have breakfast. go home and sleep :D
tuesday: stay at home and finish up leftover homework
wednesday: wake up at 5.30 and head to school D:

it's 2 more days to school! EVERYONE SCREAAAAAAAAM!

3:17 AM

I love spring & flowers.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

every now and then we find a special friend
who never lets us down
who understands it all
reaches out each time you fall



Yes, we've been a clique for 2 years and counting!(:
i love everyone of you. Jihae, Jewel, Roula, Valentina, Charis and Patricia.

Jihae: You're such a high friend. I'll be talking and singing during lessons with you. And i can talk to you bout almost everything! :D
Jewel: it's really fun talking and hanging out with you cause you're really funny. The really girly girl of the gang yeah!
Roula: Crap, i miss you alot ever since you transferred school! Anyway, everytime we go out. we'll do funny stuff. I'm going to meet up with you really soon okay!
Valentina: i can talk to you and you'll be helping me :D you seem to understand most of the stuff that i feel bout. anyway, i've got more stuff to talk to you about! :D
Charis: the girl who loves to webcams nowadays. You're really funny la! you make me laugh when i'm feeling low. You sent me messages that make me smile in public!
Patricia: The girl who told me she sucks at cs. BUT, she actually rocks at cs. the girl who needs to help me with my maths! :D

Overall, i want to thank you guys for all the outings! the steamboat dinner was one of the best dinners i had with you. We all have to study hard next year yeah!


HAHA. no matter how much we think of a name, we just can't think of any huh.
Remember, the GERM GANG :D okay, maybe only afew of you know bout this but ANYWAAAAY, Siyi, Tammy, Ashley, Sus, Dot and Jamie.

you guys have been fun. Laughing really hard during lunches. Talking bout random stuff. Going crazy over exams.

Siyi: You're a really funny little girl la! XD i've been going out with you so much this past few days. I want to thank you for bringing me to cornerstone. Making me laugh all the time. Giving me the really weird faces while _______ for example, TODAY during church.
Tammy: TAMMMY YE. the girl i talk to whenever i feel sad. You've really helped me alot! :D we need to study yeah! haha. I CAN'T BELIEVE WE'RE GOING TO MUSE. AH. MUSE MUSE MUSE.
Ashley: the girl i've know since primary one. 9 years and counting! :D i love you so much la. chilling out at startbucks is FUN yeah! :D we'll hand out at starbucks more often, okay maybe after your exams :D
Sus: CHOCOLATE! you're the brown girl. the one who says EH. YOU'RE WEARING BROWN! whenever i'm wearing anything that is brown. mocha frap and your scones yeah! :D
Dot: The girl i like to shop with :D i want to go out with you more often! the girl who advices me on stuff. The girl i love talking to too!
Jamie: the girl who loves shopping and AHEM AHEM XD the one who talks to me bout heh, boys yeah! haha.

I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GUYS ARE LEAVING SCHOOL NEXT YEAR. i really can wait for the day you guys graduate from smss and cfs. I CAN WAIT. I want to go lunches and sleepovers with you guys more! ): crap, this is making me sad.

ANYWAY, i love you alot! and you'll remember that! :D

7:15 PM

I love spring & flowers.


Went to get my school books.

and every time i was bout to leave the house, siyi changed the timing -.-

anyway, went to cine and siyi messaged me that she'll be late.
went to meet valentina and vanessa for like 5 minutes.

siyi and i wanted to watch the holiday or night at the museum.
went to cine, lido, ps. ask about cathy and bugis. NO TICKETS or TOO LATE.
we gave up half way.

went to cut our half. CHENSIYI changed her hairstyle! :D
i wasted 16 bucks just to trim my hair. hmm

went back to cine. TOOK NEOPRINTS.
haha, i tell you. the neoprints are hilarious XD

went up to play cs.
i haven't play for like 3 plus weeks! and i was getting giddy after half an hour -.-
I'm going to play with chensiyi one day and win her! (:

went to meet valentina and mel at far east. walked to far coast.
after chatting bout stuff for awhile. clement came and i left.

watched him eat at jack's place. I'M BLOATED AGAIN ):
we walked all around. sat at starbucks for awhile.

went to hougang. and he WASTED money to cab home.


church with siyi and her brother.
laska and talks bout her AHEM dream with siyi.

went home. and slept.
gathering cum countdown tonight at raffles later. hopefully, i'm able to see the fireworks from the room!

then i'm off to CHENSIYI's house! OH FINALLY, i convinced my mum to let me go(:

and everything that could gone wrong
has gone wrong at the some time
now i can see the light
it was love at first sight
and i'm not gonna let this girl him go

last night, i was thinking bout you. the day that i was suppose to meet you. but you cancelled anyway.

6:59 PM

I love spring & flowers.


ashley, tammy and sus can go at 11.30
i may be able to go after 12. SEH ):

tell me how how?

i'm lazy to type what happened today. TOMORROW TOMORROW.
after church with chensiyi. wah, i'm going to see chensiyi 4 days in a row man! HAHA(:

i was talking to valentina on the phone just now XD
yes valentina, i'll talk to you more next time(:

i'm emo now. goodnight.

12:47 AM

I love spring & flowers.

Saturday, December 30, 2006


studied at macs with tammy, ashley, siyi and elden
dinner at paragon with echo and family.


went to singapore swimming club to swim with siyi, ashley and jamie. sus didn't swim and tammy came really late.

the best part. we studied and bowled at the same time. HAHA.
we're so good :D

went out to eat AGAIN. i can't remember what we talked about. but we were suppose to do homework XD
jamie left. and then we left for siyi's house.
talked for awhile. looked at blogs. and we were out of the house again.

siyi's mum drove us to pan pacific. siyi left for dinner with her family.
tammy stopped at dhoby ghaut. sus went to toa payoh.
so ashley and i walked to wheelock.

this time i had to be more fomal. so i wore a dress -.-

i was talking to my mum bout the dinner. and blahblahblooh, the meal cost a bomb.
i can't believe i was eating such expensive food.
Anyway, went for dinner to celebrate uncle and auntie's anniversary(:
auntie's in-laws joined us for dinner. and i was super bored.

i was going to puke. and we still had fried rice and dessert.
And i can't believe i skipped my favourite dessert ):

but the meal was good. i don't think i'll have this kind of meal for a looong time man.

went down to meet clement and his friend. YEAH THANKS FOR THE COOKIES.

it's 1.30 and i'm still full. This is so amazing.

movie and i've no idea what with chensiyi in the afternoon! :D i'm going to have a nice nice talk with you. HAHA.

saturday: OUT.
sunday: church, home, gathering.
monday: siyi's house?
tuesday: home. SLEEP EARLY

i still believe my feelings
but sometimes i feel too much
i make believe you're close to me
but it ain't close enough
not nearly close enough

1:05 AM

I love spring & flowers.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

i still want to spend new years eve at cluny park!

I stayed at home for the entire day ):

Watched 45 minutes of the muse concert in london on mtv this afternoon.
I can't wait for the 16th of jan la! (:

cabbed to fetched my brother.
came back for dinner. It's mum's birthday today(:
Had turkey vegetable soup. Got a chocolate cake, NICE :D

I've been online ever since. I'm pretty bored right now.
Have been talking to siyi. I wanna escape from the countdown gathering with my parent's friends man. CHENSIYI, countdown at cluny park! ):

28th: out, dinner
29th: don't know, dinner
31st: gathering, i wanna escape XD

I haven't got my textbooks. I haven't got my school uniform, i'm expecting a warning point again. but heck la! X)

It's raining again. i'm bit moody now even though i sound pretty happy online. sigh.

making me smile reading your messages is one thing.
wondering if you really mean it is another thing.
i think i'm being too sensitive.
but i really do hate the feeling.

11:53 PM

I love spring & flowers.

I want to go to cluny park now.
I want to have a nice talk and take loads of photos like the last time.

lets spend new years eve there :D

1:15 PM

I love spring & flowers.

PHOTOS from today, only at farcoast(:
i'll upload the rest and from the hawaii trip tomorrow(:

i love my carema's multi-frame <3
last photo before i left

click on it to enlarge(:
good coffee and random talks(:
more with valentina :D

1:23 AM

I love spring & flowers.

you say how do you do. i say i'm fine
but in my mind i'm screaming i love you

1. bag from topshop
2. candy dispenser
3. accessories
4. the same cap that i bought today
5. that bag that melissa bought!
6. clothes, dress
7. a new phone
8. a new carema
9. a special gift(:

I want more stuff, but this little brain of mine can't remember anything now.

send my brother to his friend's house before getting off the cab at serangoon mrt station.
Mrt-ed to orchard. and realised that valentina and mel were watching a movie.
Wandered around wisma and taka.
I bought a venti mocha frap. notice: VENTI. i can't even finish a grande and i ordered a venti. i took ages to finish it ):
Wanted to go window shopping but ah, stupid coffee.

Met valentina and walked to heeren where mel was waiting. Went up to get valentina's dress/shirt. Then to far east, went up and down. Bought a cap from one of the shop. Started talking to the sales lady. She's really nice and friendly. best of all, she gave me a discount(: I kept asking for the prices of the wallets and she said, EH. YOU HAVE EXPENSIVE TASTE.
Ah, all the stuff were so nice but expensive ):

HAHA. the more i look at the cap, the more i want it. and it's from the states -.- couldn't take it, i wore the cap XD heehee.

Bought food from chippys and walked to far coast. Bought coffee and sat down to eat. Talked and took photos(:

mum wanted me home really early even though she said i could go back late. Met dad and his friend at raffles place, got a ride home(:

My ipod revolves around 8 songs only
1. that's when i love you, aslyn
2. nobody knows, pink
3. miss you love, maria mena
4. dark blue, jacks mannequin
5. unintended, muse
6. show me the money, petey pabloe
7. over my head, the fray
8. how to save a life, the fray

anyway, tomorrow is mum's birthday so i'm going to be at home.

27th: home
28th: don't know, dinner
29th: don't know, dinner
31st: unconfirmed dinner. I WANT TO GO OUT!(:
1st: dont know
2nd: don't know
3rd: SCHOOL STARTS. kill me.

homework homework. CHEN SIYI, WHEN ARE WE DOING HOMEWORK! ):

12:37 AM

I love spring & flowers.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

the moon hung over soho
and i counted 16 starts
i pointed to the brightest one and said now that one's ours

Boxing day.

Anyway, first of all. my day is kinda messed up ):

rain made me moody and stopped me from going out.
brother's staying over at friend's house. so i've to send him over at 5.30pm before heading to town to meet valentina and mel!

the good thing. cause of my brother, i'm allowed to stay out late(:

so i'm going to go find my dad a present. rather early, but i've the money now. so i better get the present. Getting two other people their presents today too, hopefully.

I'm bored so here's a list of stuff that i want and may not be able to get XD

a bag from topshop.
the candy dispenser from that shop at far east. accesories too(:
a particular bag i saw at aldo in hawaii -.-

now, i can't even remember what i want.
but a list of stuff i want to find.

a dress to wear for new year eve
heels, that don't make me feel like a giant
a school bag
clothes and more clothes
a special gift that i would remember for long(:

i've to start studying hard for the ipod nano and a trip back to hawaii next year(:
I saw so many red ipod nanos in hawaii! and it's so freakin cheaper back there. AH, why why didn't i get one ):

school's starting in 8 days! lets start studying our ass off. AHHHHH.
waking up at 5.30 everyday, the almost one hour bus ride to school, loads of homework and sleeping earlier everynight doesn't look too pleasing.

Let's stay out really late on new years eve(: that's if i can make it. HAHA.

3:18 PM

I love spring & flowers.

stupid blogger is irritating me so badly.

1:29 PM

I love spring & flowers.

and i'm really weird. i blogged and didn't say.

I really mean it like 1 hour and 12 minutes ago(:

Meeting valentina and mel tomorrow! hopefully.
I need to accompany brother to get his books and hopefully, he can go to his friend's house early so i can go out. And i want to go out till late, for once :D

You're the only one who
Drags me kicking and screaming through fast dreams
You're the only one who
Knows exactly what i mean

1:12 AM

I love spring & flowers.

And i said i'd never seen anyone look so dumb before
And you laughed and said i still know how to turn you on though

so i went to ashley's house last night.
the bus ride was so long and cold man X(
Watched love actually. Half way through, tammy called.
Knowing that channel 5's commercials are really long, we rushed down and cabbed to tammy's house(:

After love actually, we watched the incredibles XD
and then love wrecked. Tammy is in love with jonathan bennett.

Eunice and Gloria came at around 3 plus? they spent 20 bucks la on cab! -.-

tammy, ashley and i went up to sleep. but some anon person had to message me and tell me he's my friend's friend. so we called him and it was kinda weird.

Woke up and headed down to westmall for lunch. something's with the cucumbers today. There were no more cucumbers in hougang and at westmall. So i had to walk to kap to get cucumbers -.-

Slept and woke up when echo and family came. Exchanged presents(: brad and family came after that. Dinner was fabb! :D

I'm sleepy. goodnight.

12:20 AM

I love spring & flowers.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

you don't know how happy i was when i read that.

Christmas eve(:

met jamie, sus and ashley. ate at pepper lunch.
went around looking for presents.
bought perfume for mum(: bought a necklace for echo.
i still have a number of presents to get. ah

all of us went home early to have dinner with family.

I'm off to ashley's house to watch love actually before crashing tammy's house to stayover!(:

7:50 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Cousin's wedding dinner

raymond's and evelyn's wedding dinner at orchard parade hotel.
Took the chance to catch up with my cousins.
9 course meal. Service was pretty bad. Some guy accidentally spill HOT TEA on my seat.
But the meal was pretty well done(:

Was suppose to go to town with elanor, charlene and charmaine but mum wanted me to go home.
So went up to check out the hotel room. it's big man!

got a ride home. and i'm tired.

Lunch with ashley, sus and jamie tomorrow. Dinner with parents. Night out with sus and gloria [i think?], who else wants to stay out! :D

now i've stumbled on uncertainty
never thought this could ever be
no contradictions left inside
when i feel the rain come my way
you give me sun, you're my brighter day

when my world has come undone
and i've lost my setting sun
when all i see are clouds
you're still around
when i fall into a tear
inspirations disappear
you clear away that doubt
cose you're still around.

12:26 AM

I love spring & flowers.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

just came back from the tea ceremony.
woke up early, reached auntie's house early. waiting super long for the bride to arrive.

But anyway, my first time(:

I feel so moody now. first, i'm sleepy. second, it was raining. third, i'm just not feeling very happy.

Wedding dinner later. And i can't wear any of the 3 dresses i have. One's black, one's torn at the side and the third one, colour not allowed-.- so i'm stuck with the white one that looks weird on me ):


1:14 PM

I love spring & flowers.

and i would have stayed up with you all night
had i known how to save a life

just before i go to sleep and wake up super early for a wedding,

wanna thank ashley, tammy, sus, jamie, pris and the rest[ sorry X( ] for coming down to watch us perform at ps tonight!(: And for screaming my name super loudly serveral times that made me smile and eventually laugh on stage(:
I had a wonderful day out. Practised with auntie eileen and gloria in the morning. the whole afternoon spent at starbucks with ashley, sus and elden. Drew the banner and eventually, didn't know where it went.


sus: for the shirt(:
ashley: for the braclet(:
jamie: for the dress(:

Crap, i love you people la! :D

And recently, i've been addicted to the fray's how to save a life. even though i've got the song pretty long ago. hmm.

step one you say we need to talk
he walks you say sit down it's just a talk
he smiles politely back at you
you stare politely right on though
some sort of window to your right
as he goes left and you stay right
between the lines of fear and blame
and you began to wonder why you came

12:54 AM

I love spring & flowers.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

When i feel every thing in my life's a mess
and i can't lift my head up above the rest
when all i touch i can't hold on to
then i cover my eyes and try to picture you

When the storm has broken you'll be waiting
When the big wave crashes you'll be swimming
When the war is over you'll be waving the flag
I know you'll be the last man standing with me

Met ashley, tammy and sus.
Lunch at cine. Played time crisis.

Watched night at the museum. It is hilarious! Worth watching(:
I'm going to make a list of shows i wanna watch by the end of this year. heh

charlotte's web
deja vu
flags of our fathers
death note: the last name

Went to taka for coffee(: met gloria and went up to art friend.
Left with ashley shortly after that. I missed my stop on the train -.- and the bus took forever to come.

I only ate one meal today again. Not that i'm on a diet but i just can't eat. ah ):

CCIS tomorrow. i'm getting abit nervous. I'm not sure of my songs and ah i'm just nervous.
Supper after performance tomorrow(:

Plan for the week

Friday: practice, sus house, school? ccis!
Saturday: wedding
Sunday: day out with ashley!(: treat ourselves to nice dinner.
Monday: Christmas day!(: dinner.
Tuesday: boxing day. hmm?
Wednesday: mum's birthday(:

10:21 PM

I love spring & flowers.

AH. i'm dead tired.

Mum woke me up extra early to go down and buy breakfast and lunch for my brother.
And nothing for me.

I'm late. i haven't even got ready to step out of the house.
And it's drizzling. AH, what a bad day.

It's okay, i'm going to have fun talking to tammy, ashley and sus later(:
May watch THE HOLIDAY later. ah it's such a sweet show X)

I'm just talking to myself. IGNORE THIS POST. ugh.

I think it was a sunny monday morning i recall
I really can't imagine how i spent my time before
The guys and buzz are all the same
They place you in love, and then forget your name

There was something different when i laid my eyes on you
A living contradiction, a little voice without a clue
It came to me as some surprise that you could see the future in my eyes.

10:58 AM

I love spring & flowers.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

So come on baby let me be the girl
that you can count on to rock your world

on the last day in hawaii, i went to my childhood friend's house for a chat at midnight(:
Ah, i'm going to miss her. She cried when we left, that made me teared. AH.

Anyway, the flight back went by quickly cause i slept throughout the two flights.
The only time i woke up was for the meals XD

Reached at around 0045 and went home. Slept at 4am and woke up at 8.30 to get ready to meet charischoo and valentinachua.

Met charis first at the mrt station and the first time she did was scream.
Went to valentina's house and she got a shocked. I gave both of them a big big hug(:

Bused for kway chap. AW MAN. it was goooood(: Especially the meat with the fats. heh.
Charis left and Jihae came. We both couldn't recognise jihae till she was right infront of us XD

Jihae got me a wallet and a pair of earrings! (: THANK YOU SO MUCH JIHAE. I LOVE YOU(:

went to far coast for a drink. I got a mocha passage west. It wasn't too strong(: We got bored so we woke valentina up. walked to shaw to watch THE HOLIDAY.

I love the show :D especially the first part. i think i'm watching it again tomorrow with tammy, ashley, sus and dot. Not confirm yet though. I wanna get the dvd!(:

Walked to far east, then to cine to meet roula, cassandra and victoria. Went to the hongkong cafe and only had the milk tea. Went back and i wasn't feeling too well. it's either jet lag or indigestion.

Went to sleep rather early. I kept waking up in the middle of the night. My nightmare was weird, cause i was shopping and i felt as if it was a nightmare. X( i woke up at 8 plus eventually, my mum got a shock. I was the one who told her not to wake me up so early and yet i was standing in the middle of the house at 8 plus.

Went out with my brother. Was suppose to send him to my mum's office but couldn't in the end. met clement and started walking everywhere. from cine, paragon, fareast, heeren, cine, shaw and the then taka. My brother was super talkative. And both of them ganged up against me. stupid, my brother was really talking nonsense at some parts. sigh.

EH, thanks for the shirt and the lunch ah! even though the shirt is too small. HAHA.

met mum for dinner and then went home. I'm feeling really tired. jet lag, i'm awfully sure now. At 3am, i'm wide awake. at 7pm, i'm feeling tired. and i only had ONE meal yesterday and today.

I'm off to town tomorrow. 3 days in a row, no actually 4 days. eh, plus the wedding dinner, 5 days. I think i'm nuts XD

9:19 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


3:37 AM

I love spring & flowers.

Monday, December 18, 2006

it's currently 6.23am here. I'm still home
And my flight is at 10am.

All i want to do is get onto the plane and sleeeeeep.

Wth. i think i must be the first person who doesn't buy gums when she's in the states X(

Anyway, 7 hours to narita and this time. we're not going into the city.
So it's 6 hours at the airport. I'm going to go for curry udon! (:

ANyway, i'll be back on the 19th! 0030(: wheee.

12:23 AM

I love spring & flowers.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I don't know how to how to fine when i'm not.
Yesterday, we only had dinner at 9.30.
Everyone managed to finish in half an hour to rush to auntie lillian's house.

The women played mahjong. The men were drinking.
The boys were playing catching. The girls were hiding.
I was on the computer webcaming till katherine wanted me off the com to play tag.

i was playing tag with 5 eleven year old kids.

Anyway, i wanted to play mahjong but my mum chased me back to tag -.-

Woke up and went for yum cha(:
I ate too much that i wanted to puke. AH, i ate 3 egg tarts and a mango pudding at the end.

Came home and i slept throughout the afternoon while parents packed up.
Woke up and it was dinner time. Went to asahi grill.
OH. the food is superb! they mix korean and japanese and it taste as good! (:
Walked back and i'm suppose to go see nicole. But she's at a party. And mum doesn't want to drive me to her house after the party ):
I lost the photos i took with her too. sigh

Im going to try to convince my mum to drive me to her house (:

I'm leaving tomorrow morning. I'm meetin charischoo and valentinachua when i reach singapore! And i'm going to buy more stuff, find more presents. hello vivo city, it's been long since i've visited you XD

first thing to do when i touch down, CALL CHARISCHOOXINYI! :D

I'm still feeling rather low. maybe i should stop _____ stuff.

You walk into the room
All eyes on you
Everyone wants to know your name
Baby you make them swoon
Yeah baby you're so smooth
You take every breath i breathe away
I just wanna tell you baby
How much i am feeling you

1:52 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Just so you know
This feeling taking control of me
And i can't help it

'm blogging at 7.16pm now cause i'm going to be out late tonight! (:

Anyway, went to the beach today.
My whole family thinks i'm tan but i can't see the difference.
AH. i've one more day to tan at the balcony XD HAHA

Auntie lillian came and parents and i went to shop for gifts.

Now i've no more money to convert.
1) Need to get money to go out next week
2) Need to save up for Muse ticket
3) I feel better if i've money in my wallet, at least a dollar

I'm not money faced. But i always feel kinda sad if i'm broke ):

So i'm going to start wrapping presents(: Sorry if some of the presents are small, i bought all the gifts in 2 hours XD

I'm waiting for i don't know who. But dinner starts at 8.30pm. And i't's only 7.20.
After that, heading to auntie lillian's house for mahjong(: I'm playing mahjong with mum's friends. i'm going to lose man.

ah. where is tammy when i need to talk to her. TAMMY YE QI. i'm feeling bit low again ): I need to talk to you ): maybe i shouldn't take what i found out so seriously. crap

feeling sad is NOT a good thing. I HATE THIS STUPID FEELING. AH.

two more nights and i'm leaving ):

1:16 PM

I love spring & flowers.

Friday, December 15, 2006

I see something in you
Something nobody sees
I see yellow and blue
Yeah, the sunshine and the sea
When i think of love, i think of you
Yeah, that's my favourite thing to do
You're my missing puzzle piece
Yeah you are, perfect for me

Went to Pearl Harbour with GrandMa, Uncle Nathan and brother.
I'm really lazy to blog in detail.
Anyway, went to the arizona memorial where you could still see fuel spilling out.
Explored the submarine and battleship. One word, FUN(:

We spent about 4 hours there. I still cannot believe it.
Anyway, went back and there was traffic.

Dinner at The Old Spaghetti House. And i was the only one who finished my dinner -.-

Tried walking around looking for gifts. I CAN'T FIND GIFTS!
Omgosh. I think i'll make christmas gifts for all of you. It's more meaningful too(:

Went to Dave and Busters to look for Dad and Brother. Man, it looked like a casino.
And i was playing the coin dropping game. I spent so much money on it. And i collected 728 tickets just playing that game. I think i used 45 tokens. Okay, i'm rubbing it in ):

I've only one more day to look for all the presents. AH, plus there's a gathering among all my mum's friends and family. And i'm going to hang out with little kids(: That would cheer me up i guess.

It's 12.16am and i'm very bored. Tammy went offline ):

2 more days before i leave hawaii ): and 3 more days till i reach singapore.

Plan when i'm back in singapore

Monday: Still somewhere on the plane XD
Tuesday: out
Wednesday: out
Thursday: NO WHERE?
Friday: CCIS! ahhh.
Saturday: I'VE NO IDEA

I've visitors once i reach back. ah, no time for myself and friends ): and i can't spend christmas out too ):


5:48 PM

I love spring & flowers.